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Have you Ever worried about

  • Rapid growth of Storage (Managing multiple external USB hardisk/RAID Storage)
  • Latency in accessing Large amount of Data (.dpx, tiff, etc)
  • Getting hogged with the numerous copies of files (Duplicate copies of content)
  • Wasting a lot of time in deleting the duplicate data (Cleanup, export)
  • Slower networks (Exporting/Copying taking longer times)
  • An important file being deleted accidentally (User error, system error)
  • System Recovery after a malware infection (Ransomware, Virus etc)
  • Data Protection from Intruders (Open access to everyone)
  • Sharing Data across workplace (Same building and across campus)
  • Restricting the access Privileges to certain teams (Security Policies)
  • Communication between clients of different Operating Systems (Unified access)

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